Corporate events
  • Magnificent design of your event
  • Ready business solutions
Bon Bon Events is a team of project managers that are passionate about and dedicated to event-planning.
For us an event's success depends on three essential pillars:
Meticulous preparation, based on detailed specifications and a precise schedule. Rigorous organisation in the hands of competent professionals. Being in constant control of the event. We leave nothing up to chance. To offer you this service, we get the best professionals on our team
You can order from us:
Office decoration
Shop and Showroom decoration
Window dressing
Decoration of your event
Street installations
Photozone decorations
Installation of any complexity
Paper decor
Balloons with your logo
We love what we do!
Everytime we convinced of how incredible ideas can be realized with balloons.
Each project for us is an impressive experience, during which we strive to find the most creative and unique solutions.
We deal with a project of any complexity and scale as a large and important event.
We use only an individual approach and as a result we create a unique and impressive design.
What are the benefits for our clients:
Increase of average daily sales
Our installations attract new visitors
Emotions of the guests
Make your guests feel happy
Engaging an audience on social
After all, your place looks beautiful and interesting
Your project corresponds to current fashion trends
Our team continuously monitors latest trends
Enthusiastic guests
They do not pass by our space design
Advertisement of your location
Photos of your design are scattered all over Instagram